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April 10, 2010


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October 21, 2006

Dekalb townhouse up for grabs

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This sleek townhouse next to Liquors on Dekalb between Adelphi and Clermont is on the market via corcoran for $1.925MM.

Click on the pictures and you’ll see a great open living room, an extensive kitchen and a very expansive, landscaped backyard.

The house boasts 3,040 square feet of living space, configured as an owner’s triplex and a rental unit. Also for the winter months – 5 woodburning fireplaces!!

Incidentally, the house size is only 20 x 38, but the lot size is 20 x 93, so that tells you how large the backyard is. Each floor is a relatively small 760 sf. The house may have changed hands in 2004 thru a private sale.

October 16, 2006

Buy a condo and get a friggin’ turkey!

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Gone are the days where the sponsor may pay some of your closing costs, or pay a few months’ worth of maintenance. These days, they’re so cheap that they’ll charge you close to 1,000 psf in the nether regions of Clinton Hill and they’ll give you a turkey and a few bottles of wine! Doh!

Kathryn Lilly of Elliman has the listings at 171 Greene – get this : 800 square feet for $745K. For this price, they’d better give you a year’s worth of turkeys.

October 14, 2006

Shaya brownstone on market for $1.7MM

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Aguayo & Huebener have the listing for the brownstone at right, for $1.7MM.

There’s an owner’s duplex with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a rental duplex with 3 bedrooms.

Condo laugher of the week

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Via brownstoner, $880K for this location, with a building blocking its’ views of the Manhattan Bridge. And $1000 real estate taxes and maintenance per month, to boot.

Any takers? Call BHS.

October 13, 2006

New pilates studio in Fort Greene

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To the left of Pequena on South Portland is a new pilates studio called Keep it Moving Pilates. The website is here.

This location has been an enigma of sorts. A few years back it was some type of used clothing store. Then most recently it was a hair salon. And now it’s a pilates studio. Perhaps three different ventures by the same owner?

It’s no doubt a unique spot. How many pilates studios are in a carriage house that used to be on the FG House tour?

Forte Condos – cobrokering now

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Have the Forte Condos gone to an open listing with cobrokes? Judging from some of the ads on Craigslist, one would believe so. New Millennium and Heights Berkeley are both advertising units at the Forte Condos on Fulton. One bedrooms start at $510K and two bedrooms are listed at $986K and up. ‘Lock in your prices now,’ as the ads say.

October 11, 2006

TONY’s best streets led by Fort Greene’s own

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Via curbed, Time Out NY has come out with its’ list of 50 best blocks in New York City and Fort Greene’s South Portland between Dekalb and Lafayette finished first. #21 was Park Place between Carlton and Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights and #31 was Clinton Avenue between Myrtle and Park in Clinton Hill.

At left is a view of South Portland from Lafayette after a snowstorm in January 2005.

The Observer does Stuart & Wright

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What to make of Suzy Hansen’s NY Observer article on the new Stuart & Wright boutique on Lafayette Avenue? Part dissertation on brownstone Brooklyn’s upscale clothing boutiques and part social commentary on women who shop at these places, it was interesting in that it was written from a female point-of-view, with nary a point on what men’s items they carry.

An interesting quote: “women who live in Brooklyn chose ‘creative fields’ over law or Wall Street. The boutiques make them regret that decision, even though they tailor themselves to the tastes of those who made it…Even freelance graphic designers deserve Diane von Furstenberg.”

Another one, in regards to the high price of items: “..Brooklyn shoppers..tell themselvse that living in Brooklyn, an ostensibly money-saving venture, entitles them to some pat-on-the-back spending, a reward for having relocated to this special place.”

Two Corcoran-marketed townhouses on Dean in ProHo

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In the wake of this morning’s NYT article on corcoran’s bias, be careful that they don’t steer minority folks away from these two sub-$800K townhouses on Dean between Grand and Washington.

Both are less than a block from the yet-to-be-closed Washington Condos.

Ironically, the corcoran agents were trying to steer white folks towards ‘whiter’ areas, like Prospect Heights. Whodathunkit?

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